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Lip Service & Heartbreaker!

Hi, ladies, gents and other distinguished individuals!

I've been cleaning out my closet and have put several items by some great alternative designers up for auction. 

Feast your eyes, chickadees!
Hello everyone!
First, I want to thank dedgothgirl for her great customer service and super-fast shipping!

Unfortunately, the Tomorrow's Party 3/4 sleever in size small is too tight in the bust for me. Do any of you ladies and gents have one in a medium, in solid black? I'm willing to trade or buy.

Thanks! ^_^


"eHarmony is based upon a complex matching system developed through extensive research with married couples. One of the requirements for successful matching is that participants fall within certain defined profiles. If we find that we will not be able to match a user using these profiles, we feel it is only fair to inform them early in the process.

We are so convinced of the importance of creating compatible matches to help people establish happy, lasting relationships that we sometimes choose not to provide service rather than risk an uncertain match.

Unfortunately, we are not able to make our profiles work for you. Our matching model could not accurately predict with whom you would be best matched. This occurs for about 20% of potential users, so 1 in 5 people simply will not benefit from our service. We hope that you understand, and we regret our inability to provide service for you at this time."

I guess I'm just too flippin' random to be compatible with anyone :P.

Party Prep Time


Okay, I know Ella's B-Day theme is 80s formal...but somewhere along the line I took a wrong turn and ended up looking like Emilie Autumn.


Small Red Shadow of Love Cami *Damaged*

'Evening, all!

I have a red Shadow of Love cami in size small that I'm looking to get rid of. It's a lovely top, but it's too big on me.

Unfortunately, it IS a damaged item because the lace trim at the bottom got savaged by my kitty. I'm sure it could be repaired or disguised by anyone half-decent with a needle and thread (which I'm not) or even removed completely if one felt the sewing was not worth the trouble.

Facebook Lurv

Hee hee, it's the best thing since sliced bread (which, I may add, is highly overrated).

I've tracked down several high school friends and am now having a conversation with one over how Government tap water leads to young people getting knocked up and then hitched.

Good times.

Watch That Backswing!

A word of advice: When hard-up for 'temporary affection', don't go to a Fetish party unless you know with 99% certainty that you will be able to find an attractive member of the appropriate sex(es) to come home and play 'Chief Interrogator' with you.

The reason for this sage advice is this: last evening the very lovely April and I had our Fetish Masquerade cherries popped amidst a sea of beautiful, kinky people doing beautiful, kinky things under the glow of blacklights. FRUSTRATION. Only April had any luck attracting the boys last night, and she's already spoken for - the lucky minx.

On the plus side, my Lolita's Pop dress made its stunning debut at long last - I may just wear it to the next Masquerade which has a Gothic Lolita theme.  Don't you just love it? I sure do! ^_^

Kinky Toga Party This Weekend!

"When in Rome do as the Romans do... Drink, dance, whip, spank, and contemplate the philosophy of pleasure. Oh, and get your moms best white bed sheet and turn it into a provocative toga for this event.
Last month's party was a very sexually charged and super fun night. Don't miss out this month."

Saturday March 17, 2007
Fetish Masquerade - Decadence of Rome - Toga Party
Funhaus - 526 Queen St West
10pm-4am 19+ event
$10 in theme $12 otherwise
*Fetish Dresscode in Effect*


Besides April whom I'm planning to kidnap, anyone else interested?

Undying Love

I think this is both incredibly sad and romantic:

AHMEDABAD, India (Reuters) - An Indian woman, despairing over her lover's accidental death when he fell down a well soon after their engagement, insisted on ceremonially marrying his corpse just minutes before the cremation.

"It was for just few minutes the girl was dressed as a bride and then as a widow," K.M. Kapadia, a police officer in the town of Anand in western Gujarat state, said on Saturday.

Wedding attendees sat the corpse up by a fire, the traditional center of Hindu wedding ceremonies, and chanted some marriage prayers before cremating the body, police said.

"The girl refused to give away the body of her lover for the cremation till she tied the knot with him," Kapadia said.

The bride's parents opposed the marriage but later attended the wedding ceremony and gave their 22-year-old daughter Tulsi Devipujak clothes and utensils as gifts, according to the Hindu tradition.